Help us celebrate the birthdays of over

100 sponsored children!

Last year, we celebrated all the birthdays of the children in our Pay It Forward Sponsorship Program!

We want to do it again this year and also celebrate the birthdays of the kids in our World Changers Sponsorship program too!

We would love if each sponsor could give $20 towards their child's birthday celebration so we can make this an incredible party for them!











Here's a recap of last yearOur team in Uganda did such an incredible job of putting together a party for over 88 children. You all were so kind and because of your generous giving - not one child was left out. It was such a special time as the kids got to have a party by Lake Victoria with cake and music. A well respected Ugandan speaker came and poured into each child and reminded them the importance of school and working hard. The kids all had cake and then went to a restaurant for a delicious lunch. This was the first time for 99% of them to ever step foot into a real restaurant. There was a buffet full of their favorite foods and they all got to fellowship and eat together. Each child got a small present and some pocket change to go and get something they wanted. It was truly an incredible day. ALL of these beautiful, smiling faces have reported back to school now - the greatest gift you can give them - thank you so much for being the reason we are able to do this!




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