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Building projects

Building Initiatives that create sustainable freedom in the lives of the most oppressed

Addressing the root problems in education, health, and injustices require infrastructures to be built to support change in those areas. Learn more about our current needs and how to stand with us. 


Our weekly food intake has grown to where we need to be able to grow and harvest our own food. We will be able to provide food for all our projects and also open a stall in the market to sell food to the community. 

Harvesting Crop Field


There is no school for hundreds of children in the new community we are in - the children do not even have an option for education. We have a dream to build another school like World Changers here in this village.



The Freedom Center will be the Headquarters for the Genesis Project. Graduates will be equipped to become trainers here - and be sent out to neighboring villages to teach what they learned. This is the number one way we will cut down on rape and prostitution by allowing this project to expand across Uganda. This will also be a place of safety for battered women and children. 


Safehouse Expansion

We have rescued close to 35 girls now and we have outgrown our Girl's SafeHouse. We need to add an expansion of rooms so our girls aren't sleeping in poor conditions.

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