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2019 Mid-Year Field Report

...drumroll, THE LAND IS OFFICIALLY PAID FOR! We took this photo in complete faith when we were on the ground and it is truly a miraculous feat of love as we secured this land TOGETHER. To be frank, Clint and I had NO IDEA how this would happen. But if there is one thing we have learned these last 7 years is that God’s word doesn’t return void – thank you to every single person who gave to this giant endeavor. I can’t wait to reveal to you in the coming year what your giving has unlocked for this community.

Clint and I are heading back to Uganda on the 28th of August to plan with our team and lay the groundwork for this new village. We both feel deep in our heart that this village, Namiremebe, will be larger than anything we’ve done to date. This trip wasn’t on our radar for this year but after talking and praying we both feel the need to be back on the ground with Freddie and team to really see the vision for freedom for this community. This village reminds us a bit of when we first went to Sala in 2012 – nothing there but death and decay – so we are pretty excited to bring what we have learned over the last 7 years and create freedom and life for hundreds of families. In keeping with our promise to allocate funds where they are given – we do not have a travel budget for a trip like this. We are in need of roughly $2,000 to cover the flights and on the ground expenses for Clint and I. We are so grateful for any amount you may feel led to sow into getting us to Uganda by clicking the red GIVE square.

We’ve been working hard on a new face for our website and I am so happy to announce it’s done! We are also getting really excited for the Freedom Gala on November 7th in Franklin, TN at the historic Liberty Hall in The Factory. This night is already shaping up to be incredible and you will be seeing fresh, real footage from this forgotten village. We are working on a few short films that will tell the stories of the freedom, radical transformation, and rescues that happened throughout this last year. Tickets and tables will be released next week in a separate email update.


Here are some updates from our team on the ground in our on-going projects.

We are thrilled to have opened a 3rd location for the Genesis Project. Currently, we have 3 different training centers operating in 3 different villages across Central Uganda impacting over 350 women. If you would have told us that this dream to help single mothers would grow into something like this we probably wouldn’t have believed you. The stories and testimonies that are coming from the Genesis Projects will floor you. Meet Faith. Her life was completely transformed through the Genesis Project. She was actually on her way to a witch doctor when she heard about the Genesis Project and found herself at Mission House - her decision to enroll saved her life and we are so excited to now be officially employing her as one of our incredible trainers.


World Changers...The World Changers School now has welcomed over 300 incredible students into our classrooms. We have 14 incredible paid staff and 4 volunteers who ensure that the school runs at the highest caliber possible. The transformation is remarkable as children who have never stepped foot into a classroom are now reading, writing, and SPEAKING English in addition to their native language of Lugandan. When we began WCA, we knew that one of our biggest hurdles would be to combat illiteracy among the parents. They had never been given the gift of education so they do not understand the power it holds.

Our team in Uganda has been holding weekly meetings and going door to door to explain the importance of education. It is a struggle for many parents to “lose” their child from the home because they help with so many of the day to day chores. We are so happy to report that we have made such great strides in this area and the enrollment rate continues to increase as parents begin to understand that education is a step in the right direction to break the hold of poverty on their families.

Everyday Clint and me are just in awe of what is going on in Uganda through our partnership with Mission House – there is so much power in unity and we have seen firsthand as thousands upon thousands of lives are forever radically changed. We know that one of the main reasons we are able to create such sustainable change is because of our commitment to empower and uplift our Ugandan team in all they are doing. Freddie leads the team with such integrity and honor; each and everyday they are out in the villages reaching the forgotten and loving on the unloved – together we have dreamed of a better Uganda and now we are watching as it has come to life in our villages.

None of this could have happened without our family of donors who have stood so faithfully by us as we continue break chains and bring freedom. Be encouraged friends. Thank you for sewing into Project R12 even when the cost was painful – it doesn’t go unnoticed and we are praying for a harvest to come from your sacrifices.

Tara and Clint Moseley

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