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  • Tara Moseley

Changing the lives of single moms in uganda.

We wanted to spend this month of June highlighting our Genesis Project and the incredible impact it has on hundreds of single mothers in Uganda. It brings me so much joy when I get to FEEL the impact of what we are doing in Uganda – without even physically being there. I know sometimes for all of us the giving can seem distant and less personal since we are not actually there to see the smiles, hear the laughs, and hug the people we are pouring into. It’s a challenge I face everyday but testimonies like the ones below truly shift my entire frame of mind – and they should for you too, because without you, they would not be possible.

The Genesis Project is so near and dear to our hearts. It’s a program that each month is a challenge to fund because we currently only have $100 a month in giving directly to this but God continues to provide. We have such a need of people to stand with us on a monthly basis to ensure we can keep this project going. In order to keep it open, we have to make sure all our girls, over 100 each term, have childcare, good meals, safe transport, great trainers, and the proper tools and equipment to learn the job skills we are teaching them. We have seen over 800 of the most beautiful women complete 6 months of training and the transformation is so radical. Now, it’s one thing for us to tell you about WHY we care about the Genesis Project and it’s a whole different thing for you to actually hear directly, in her own precious words, the IMPACT the Genesis Project has had in the life of a young, single mother.

Meet Hajara.

"My name is Hajarah, am a hair dressing student. It’s a blessing to be part of the identified mothers at the training center. Before joining the Genesis Project my life was shattered, hopeless, isolated and I was engaged in more than four sexual relationships at the same time and this is how I used to get money to support myself, I had no job, no business idea and no one to support me financially, morally and emotionally. But being at the training center is fun, I have started interacting with other trainees including our teacher. I have managed to change friends, I now have good friends compared to the one I used to have in the past. No more isolation. The Genesis Projedct team has been so helpful to me through the bible devotions every morning and counselling they engage us in and empower us to become better people no matter how disorganized our lives have been. The team serves us with a delicious meal, I feel so happy and blessed to be part of this. I managed to quite the sexual relationships I was engaged in, through the hair dressing skills that I have got, I can attend to a few clients in my village and get some little money to support me financially. During our trainings we always have a beauty sessions and I have learnt to take good care of myself and look more beautiful. Am so grateful and empowered and I pray that God rewards you for the good you are doing.”

Thanks to our incredible team and partners led by Freddie at Mission House, Hajara will be graduating with 80+ other single mothers as they were able to complete the last 6 months of training. We would love to be able to offer our Hair Salon, The Intern Facility, for girls like Hajara to work at. The goal of this intern facility is to not only provide the women with a place to work if they want but also to produce a stream of income that we can reinvest into the Genesis Project. We need an investment of $6,500 to cover the initial start up costs: equipment, products, rent, etc. So if you are curious about a current need – well this is definitely a big one! You can give for this specific Intern Facility by clicking HERE. . We are really praying and believing we can raise the $6,500 for this soon. This program is so massively transformational and we are hoping and believing that more people will stand with us to unlock the lives of these single mothers.

We have some really exciting news coming in the next few weeks that we are thrilled to be able to reveal: so stay tuned! Also, mark your calendars because on November 3, 2018, we will be having our 3rd Annual Charity Gala in downtown Nashville! More details on this as it gets always, please email or comment as it makes our day to hear from you all.



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